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Mei Hung


Executive Director

Mei Hung, a native of Taiwan, came to America to pursue higher education,  expand her horizons, and search for the meaning of life. Once in the  United States, she was fascinated by American culture, while she also  developed a deep appreciation for her own Chinese cultural heritage.

Since joining the Chinese Culture Connection (CCC) in  1997 as a volunteer, Mei saw a high-minded organization that, not only  gave her the opportunity to share her cultural heritage, but also  provided a great way for her to learn more about the American way. In  1999, Mei succeeded the founder and Executive Director of CCC, Catherine  Hsu, and relocated the charitable and outreach organization to Malden. During her tenure, Mei has delivered numerous programs, as well as  developed many new ones. She hopes that using Chinese arts and culture  as a conduit will inspire all cultures to come together to connect,  understand and appreciate each other. Hopefully, this spirit will help  unite humanity into a world of mutual benefit.

Mei has been a member of the Kiwanis Club International since 2000, and has served as an advisor to the Key Club  at Malden High School since 2011. She is a member of the Advisory  Council at Mystic Valley Elderly Services and a Community Council Member  of the Hallmark Health System.

Mei obtained her BA degree from Bentley (College)  University, and earned her MA degree in Education and Psychology from  Tufts University. She has studied Tai Chi for many years with  world-renowned masters, which has informed her teaching at Boston  University since 2003. In her rare moments of free time, Mei enjoys  cooking and playing the GuQin, an ancient Chinese stringed instrument.

Joy Liu


Program Director, LDASP

Joy Liu is the Program Director for the Chinese Culture Connection. She has over 10 years of experience in Operational Management, Project Management, and Marketing. She is very passionate about cultural enrichment for all, through education and the creative arts. Ms. Liu is an experienced hospitality industry professional. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Operational Management from Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan and a Master of Science in Project Management from Northeastern University. Ms. Liu is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Accounting from Suffolk University. In her free time, Ms. Liu advocates for better animal welfare laws and affordable early childhood education.

Yihua (Eva) Jiang


Communications Manager

Yihua (Eva) Jiang is the Communications Manager at the Chinese Culture Connection. She is responsible for coordination and organization for different events at the CCC, such as the East Meets West Cultural Dialogue, the Ping Pong tournament, the Annual Gala, as well as many others. Eva graduated from New York University with an M.A. in International Relations. During her school years, she gained extensive experience in the field of education and nonprofit organization. After graduation, she worked as a marketing and communication coordinator at the World Ocean School, which provided her with a strong marketing skills and program organization. These experiences and skills are indispensable to her current job.

Xiaohong (Ada) He


Community Outreach Coordinator

Xiaohong (Ada) He is a Community Outreach Coordinator at the Chinese Culture Connection. She is responsible for reaching out to the Asian/Chinese immigrant community and provides aids to those who need help. Meanwhile, she serves as a liaison among CCC, community organizations and government officials.

She enjoys taking pleasure in helping others, and therefore she had volunteered for Tufts Medical Center, Asian American Civic Association and The Immigrant Learning Center. She is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and Wuyi local dialect and has diverse community service experience to help Chinese speaking residents solve daily issues.

Jinghe Zhong


Communications and Events Coordinator

Jinghe Zhong joined the Chinese Culture Connection in November 2022 as a Communications and Events Coordinator. Prior to moving to Massachusetts, she served in multiple roles in marketing, community outreach, and project coordination for arts and cultural organizations in Chicago, including the Art Institute of Chicago, Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago Human Rhythm Project, and TimeLine Theatre.

Jinghe graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with an M.A. in Arts Administration and Policy. In 2008, she founded the Chinese Critique Salon, a student association dedicated to fostering artistic development and exploration among Chinese-speaking student artists. Her most recent curatorial project is collaboratively designing the public art exhibition New Monuments for New Cities on The 606 in Chicago.

Qunfang Deng


After-School Chinese Teacher

Qunfang Deng serves as a bilingual Chinese teacher for the Little Dragon After School Program at the Chinese Culture Connection since September 2021. She has been a college teacher in China for 8 years, so she really knows how to get along with students and take advantage of her teaching experience for this position. She always respects every student and listens to them, finding out what they really want. She is nice, patient and always helpful.

“Every student has his or her own strong point, so as a teacher, I just need to find it out, and never let a single student been left behind.” That’s what she believes and what she does while she is teaching.

Yan (Mandy) Lin


After-School Arts & Crafts Teacher

Yan (Mandy) Lin has 15 years' experience in the field of painting. Early in her career, she operated a studio in China. Since beginning her career in the United States, she has taught painting in after-school programs in Massachusetts public schools. She joined the Chinese Culture Connection as an Arts and Crafts Teacher for the Little Dragon After School Program, bringing a wealth of experience in teaching. To date, she has planned and conducted more than 100 creative art courses and activities for children of all ages.

Throughout her teaching sessions, Mandy exhibits remarkable patience and pays close attention to the progress of each child. Whenever possible, she seeks to find innovative ways to assist her students in learning and growing. With the assistance of professional illustration software, she demonstrates how to draw with marker pens, making it easier for children to understand the meaning of the illustrations in comparison with real objects, and also to enjoy the process of learning to draw.



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