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2023 Adult Mandarin Class (Online) - Level III

2023 Adult Mandarin Class (Online) - Level III


Enroll in our Level III Adult Mandarin Classes, beginning on Sunday, July 9, 2023, held conveniently on Zoom! Rachel Wang, a certified and skilled instructor, will guide you through the journey. 


Our focus is on ensuring each student receives personalized attention and achieves optimal learning results. Therefore, we maintain small class sizes. Please be aware that the classes will begin with a minimum enrollment of 5 students. Don't miss this opportunity to embrace the richness of Mandarin Chinese and immerse yourself in its cultural treasures!


Class Format & Schedule: 
On Zoom, Sunday, 10:00 AM - 11:20 AM, 12 weeks in total


$240 for members, $280 for non-members; $20 one-time registration fee for new students


About the Teacher, Rachel Wang: 
With 8 years of experience in teaching and tutoring Mandarin Chinese, Rachel Wang is a licensed native Chinese teacher dedicated to employing interactive methods that encourage student engagement through practical conversations. She skillfully incorporates diverse technological tools into her language instruction to cater to the diverse learning styles of her students. Through project-based language and cultural activities, she encourages cooperative participation, enabling students to apply their skills collaboratively. Rachel also focuses on providing comprehensible input to strengthen their acquisition of the Chinese language and employs multi-sensory teaching approaches to enhance understanding, memory retention, and overall learning outcomes.


What You Will Gain from the Classes:

  • Become familiar with the basic pronunciation of pin yin and tones
  • Develop a basic understanding of Chinese characters
  • Understand the basic structure and logic of grammar
  • Develop your ability to speak common/daily expressions
  • Learn about cultural protocols
  • Access all course materials and video recordings



We accept applications on a rolling basis. Private or semi private lessons are available upon request. Please feel free to join the fun at any time! For inquiries, please contact us at 781-321-6316 or

Notes 注意事项:
  • Our Saturday Chinese School is open during the school year. All classes start on the first Saturday after Labor Day. Some new classes may be introduced at any time during the school year. 华夏的中文学校在学年期间开放。 所有课程总在劳动节后的第一个星期六开始。

  • Some new classes may be introduced at any time during the school year. 一些新课程可能会在学年期间的任何时间开设。

  • All online classes are on a rolling basis.  所有线上课程都是连续性的。

  • CCC offers small classes between 5-12, but requires a minimum of 5 students to open one. 为了提升学习品貭,华夏提供小班制度。只要有5-6个学生即可开新班。

  • A non-refundable registration fee of $10 for returning students, $20 for new students. Price will be shown based on the student type you choose. 报名费:旧生每年$10,新生$20。报名费会根据您选择的学生类型显示在总价内。

  • Private or semi-private lessons are available. Tuition varies depending on the subject. Please ask for more details. 若有意对1对1私人课程或客制化小班(未到达开班人数)请洽询华夏文化协会。

  • If you would like to become a CCC member, please go to the following link 如果想要入会,请访问以下地址进行会员购买:

  • CCC’s Annual Membership fees: One Individual $30; Couple $50; Family of 3+ $70. 会员费每年$30/个人,$50/两人,或 $70/3人以上。

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