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Hilda Torres

Hilda Torres is from Mexico and is the eldest of seven siblings. A proud mother, she has four delightful children, two boys and two girls. Hilda also enjoys spending time with her two grandkids, as well as her faithful companion, Cooper the dog. As the Executive Director of My Little Best Friends Early Learning Center, Hilda draws upon her extensive twenty-seven years of experience working with young kids, who continue to bring a smile to her face every day. She received an associate's degree in Early Education from Bunker Hill Community College in 2009 and a mini MBA in business from UMASS Boston University. 

Recently, in June 2023, Hilda gladly accepted an invitation to serve as a board member for the CCC. She actively contributes to various other boards as well, including the Malden Chamber of Commerce (since 2013), Electra (since 2015), Friends of Fellmere Heights (since 2015), Chelsea Business Foundation (since 2021), and Malden Industrial Association (since 2020). Since 2011, she has also been a proud member of the International Association of Women. 

Hilda's deep love for the Malden community motivates her to actively engage in activities that hold significance and contribute to its betterment. She views her involvement with the CCC as a valuable opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how she can better serve the diverse communities of Malden. With her strong dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of children, joining this board holds great significance for her. The CCC's dedication to serving children directly resonates with Hilda's personal mission.

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