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感谢您对我们组织的志愿服务感兴趣。 请填写下面的表格完成您的申请!
Please fill the form below to complete your application.
I. 个人信息
II. 可用性和兴趣

2. 您有兴趣在哪些领域提供帮助? 选择所有符合条件的。 *

2. During which hour are you available for volunteer assignment? Please select all that apply. 您可以在哪个时段提供志愿服务?请选择所有适用选项。*

1. 您在哪些时间可以进行志愿者分配?

3. If you are applying for the Teaching Assistant position at our Little Dragon Afterschool Program, please select any day that you are available. The program is open Monday-Friday from 2-5:30 PM. 如果您想要申请小龙人课后班的助教职位,请选择适合您的时间。课程开放时间为周一至周五下午 2:00-5:30。

III. 技能和经验

1. Please describe the skills and qualifications that you have acquired through your professional and academic experiences, or any other activities such as hobbies and sports. 请描述您通过工作、学业或其他活动(如爱好和运动)获得的技能与资历。

2. Why are you interested in volunteering with us? 您为什么有兴趣成为我们的志愿者?

3. Please summarize your previous volunteer experience. 请概述您以前的志愿服务经历。

4. How did you hear about the Chinese Culture Connection? 您从哪里了解到华夏文化协会?

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