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Mei Hung

Executive Director

Mei Hung, a native of Taiwan, came to America to pursue higher education,  expand her horizons, and search for the meaning of life. Once in the  United States, she was fascinated by American culture, while she also  developed a deep appreciation for her own Chinese cultural heritage.

Since joining the Chinese Culture Connection (CCC) in  1997 as a volunteer, Mei saw a high-minded organization that, not only  gave her the opportunity to share her cultural heritage, but also  provided a great way for her to learn more about the American way. In  1999, Mei succeeded the founder and Executive Director of CCC, Catherine  Hsu, and relocated the charitable and outreach organization to Malden. During her tenure, Mei has delivered numerous programs, as well as  developed many new ones. She hopes that using Chinese arts and culture  as a conduit will inspire all cultures to come together to connect,  understand and appreciate each other. Hopefully, this spirit will help  unite humanity into a world of mutual benefit.

Mei has been a member of the Kiwanis Club International since 2000, and has served as an advisor to the Key Club  at Malden High School since 2011. She is a member of the Advisory  Council at Mystic Valley Elderly Services and a Community Council Member  of the Hallmark Health System.

Mei obtained her BA degree from Bentley (College)  University, and earned her MA degree in Education and Psychology from  Tufts University. She has studied Tai Chi for many years with  world-renowned masters, which has informed her teaching at Boston  University since 2003. In her rare moments of free time, Mei enjoys  cooking and playing the GuQin, an ancient Chinese stringed instrument.

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