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Nellie Mae Daily Program

Members can get up to 20% off for any fee-based activities, programs or classes. Please purchase the membership through below link.

Program Guideline 课程简介

Platform Used上课平台:Microsoft Teams


Application Requirement设备安装:

For Laptop and Desktop: You may simply copy the class link and join the class from a non-safari web browser or download Microsoft Teams application on your computer.

For mobile devices: Microsoft Teams Application is required

电脑用户:可直接使用链接进入,或下载App;手机或平板用户:请下载Microsoft Teams 软件


With the exception of Go and Science experiment classes, none of our courses require registration, you may participate in any such course. Simply click the link under the course name to join the classroom.

参加方式:除围棋及科学实验课外,其他课程无需报名,可任意选择想要参加的课程,并通过链接进入课程。点击课程表内课名下方的“Join Microsoft Teams Meeting”,即会自动跳转到课程网页或电子设备端APP。


Go (Wei Qi)

We have only 16 slots open for Go (Wei Qi), 8 beginner level slots & 8 advanced level slots, as such, registration for this course will be on a first come first serve basis.


Go Registration Requirements: (Must be submitted no later than the 27th of April 2020)



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Weekly Schedule  本周课程表
Class Description 课程内容详情

Basic Creative Drawing: Lighthouse 绘画初级课:灯塔

By watching a video clip and observing related pictures of a lighthouse to draw a landscape painting of it. 通过一个灯塔的视频和图片,来画一个以灯塔为主体的风景画。

A sheet of paper, Marker or Crayons, Pencil, Eraser. 一张纸,铅笔橡皮,彩色笔或蜡笔

Intermediate Creative Drawing: Ice Cream 绘画进阶课:冰淇淋

Summer is coming! Let ’s draw a cute ice cream to kick off the summer! Learn the shape and color of the ice cream to sketch.

A sheet of paper, Marker or Crayons, Pencil, Eraser. 一张纸,铅笔橡皮,彩色笔或蜡笔

Basic Chinese Conversation: Days of the week 初级中文会话:星期

Kids will learn and recognize basic Chinese words, to make simple phrases and short conversations. Exercise or music will be employed in class as a fun way to help kids learn.

Advanced Chinese: Idiom and Poetry 进阶中文成语:熟能生巧

By learning Chinese ancient idioms allusions to know more about Chinese culture. At the same time, help the kids to cultivate living and learning habit. Videos and stories will be employed in class to help kids learn.

GO/WeiQi 围棋

Go is an ancient strategy board game that demands both critical and creative thinking from its players. Playing Weiqi (Go) helps one to develop concentration, alertness, and judgment, and it fosters a sense of balance. Beginners class learns basic rules and advanced class focus more on methods and strategies.

Nature:Animal Migration 自然: 动物迁徙

Methods of migrating have changed or have stopped with modern society. We will discuss different migrations. Can you name one creature that migrate seasonally and what causes the migration every year? Virtually, bring your creature and its story to share with the class on Thursday. 动物迁徙的方式随着时代的变化也产生了改变。我们今天来讨论一下不同的迁徙方式。你知道有哪些动物是季节性的迁徙的吗?来和我们了了你知道的小动物的故事吧~

Nature-Plants: Bean Sprouts 植物科学:豆芽

How bean sprouts are used in Chinese culture?How do plants reproduce?
How healthy are bean sprouts? How to grow your own bean sprouts and cook them? 豆芽和中华文明有什么渊源呢?豆芽是怎么生长的呢?它有什么营养呢?如何自己在家种豆芽,用豆芽做菜呢?

1. Raw beans or seeds (ex. Mung beans, sunflower seeds, etc.) make sure the beans/seeds are not broken, and raw.
2. A jar or a cup
3. Cheese cloth, or any fabric to drain the water
4. Rubber bands
1. 生的豆子或者瓜子,确保都是没有破裂的。(例如绿豆,葵花籽)
2. 一个罐子或者杯子
3. 纱布或者薄布
4. 一些橡皮筋

Yoga 亲子瑜伽课

Teach kids simple yoga poses and guide them through easy yoga flow, to help kids keep mind and body active and stay healthy 通过简单的瑜伽体式和串联教学,让孩子们在家也可以进行简单的运动,帮助孩子保持身心健康。

Cooking: Simple Fruit Pie 亲子厨艺:简易水果派

Can you image to make a simple pie just with several slices of bread and scoops of fresh fruit or jam? Let's do this! 你能想象几片吐司和几勺新鲜的水果或果酱就可以做一个简单的水果派了吗?一起来做吧!

Ingredient: 4-6 slices of toast bread, an egg, chopped banana, fruit jam, or chocolate spread/ Nutella or peanut butter 4-6片切片土司,一个鸡蛋,切碎的香蕉丁,或果酱或巧克力酱或花生酱

Tools: a small bowl, a folk or chopsticks,a cutting board or a plate, an oven-safe bakeware, a cooking brush/a spoon 工具:一个小碗,一把叉子或者筷子,一个切菜板或一个盘子,一个烤箱容器,一把厨房刷子或勺子

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