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Du, Helen

Ms. Du serves as the new Director of International Students at Brimmer and May School. Her role is to support their international students to adjust to new environments and new culture, and help them succeed both academically and socially.  She works with international students through the admissions process, and works in the College Counseling Office alongside the Director of College Counseling. She also helps the Development Office to connect international families with the community, and bring network and resources to the school. Helen came to study in the U.S. as an international student in her twenties. She received her BA degree in China, and a MA degree in Sociology from Marquette University. She pursued her postgraduate program at Northeastern University, where she worked as an academic advisor and faculty member for three years. Prior to that, Helen worked with international students at Boston University, and directed the Boston University China Center. Helen likes to explore new ways to connect to international students, and bring new perspectives to enrich our community. She strongly believes in bringing different cultures to campus. 

Helen was a board member at the Chinese Culture Connection between 1992-1997. Then she got busy with her two children. Now, that they have gone to college, Helen rejoined the board in 2016.

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