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Schwab, Ose

Ose Schwab is a creative people-oriented thinker with nonprofit, technology, coaching, media and arts planning experience. She believes this world is poised for dramatic change and recognizes that cross-cultural awareness and exchange can help dismantle destructive systems that perpetuate social injustices and mediocrity.

Raised in an immigrant family - from Sweden and Germany, she has always been curious about people and cultural expressions and has some musical training (violin and singing) and experience. She is especially interested in the fusion of cultural music and arts traditions and has hosted numerous musical events featuring groups/performers that combine various genres and world music influences into their creations.

Currently working to develop educational offerings through a community media organization, Schwab believes we are all on a learning journey that can connect us across differences if we are curious and have an open mind, heart and will. In this regard, she sees children and youth as great models of openness that we must emulate and give as much support to as possible, especially now in the face of many global challenges and thereby opportunities for constructive change.

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