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Yan (Mandy) Lin

After-School Arts & Crafts Teacher

Yan (Mandy) Lin has 15 years' experience in the field of painting. Early in her career, she operated a studio in China. Since beginning her career in the United States, she has taught painting in after-school programs in Massachusetts public schools. She joined the Chinese Culture Connection as an Arts and Crafts Teacher for the Little Dragon After School Program, bringing a wealth of experience in teaching. To date, she has planned and conducted more than 100 creative art courses and activities for children of all ages.

Throughout her teaching sessions, Mandy exhibits remarkable patience and pays close attention to the progress of each child. Whenever possible, she seeks to find innovative ways to assist her students in learning and growing. With the assistance of professional illustration software, she demonstrates how to draw with marker pens, making it easier for children to understand the meaning of the illustrations in comparison with real objects, and also to enjoy the process of learning to draw.

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