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双语中文 Bilingual Chinese (Yearly一年)

双语中文 Bilingual Chinese (Yearly一年)


双语中⽂ Bilingual Chinese I (Age 5-7) 

This class is designed for students without any Chinese learning background, or with no prior Mandarin learning experience. The objective of this class is focused on students’ communicative ability in everyday social contexts. In addition, the teacher will introduce the basics of Chinese writing: such as basic strokes, stroke order, and radicals.


双语中⽂ Bilingual Chinese II (Age 6-8)

This class is intended for children with little prior Mandarin exposure. Oral expression and vocabulary development remain a priority. Language games and role-playing are used to build practical skills. Includes review or introduction of the 4 tones; Chinese radical and basic stroke order, and rules to build up strong base for writing and character recognition. This work provides the foundation for reading and writing.


双语中⽂文 Bilingual Chinese III (Age 8-10)

This class continues to build upon the language competence gained from the previous year, and will center on themes that are relevant to daily life and culture. Chinese culture will be integrated into the class throughout the

year. The basic communication skills of listening and speaking will be equally emphasized during instruction, with ample opportunities for practice. This class requires at least 2 years of prior Mandarin learning experience.


双语中⽂Bilingual Chinese IV (Age 9-14) 

This is an advanced class for experienced students, or students who have passed Bilingual Chinese III. The communication skills of listening and speaking will be heavily emphasized and practiced during instruction. This class requires over 3 years of prior Mandarin learning experience or Chinese teacher approval.

Notes 注意事项:
  • Our Saturday Chinese School is open during the school year. All classes start on the first Saturday after Labor Day. Some new classes may be introduced at any time during the school year. 华夏的中文学校在学年期间开放。 所有课程总在劳动节后的第一个星期六开始。

  • Some new classes may be introduced at any time during the school year. 一些新课程可能会在学年期间的任何时间开设。

  • All online classes are on a rolling basis.  所有线上课程都是连续性的。

  • CCC offers small classes between 5-12, but requires a minimum of 5 students to open one. 为了提升学习品貭,华夏提供小班制度。只要有5-6个学生即可开新班。

  • A non-refundable registration fee of $10 for returning students, $20 for new students. Price will be shown based on the student type you choose. 报名费:旧生每年$10,新生$20。报名费会根据您选择的学生类型显示在总价内。

  • Private or semi-private lessons are available. Tuition varies depending on the subject. Please ask for more details. 若有意对1对1私人课程或客制化小班(未到达开班人数)请洽询华夏文化协会。

  • If you would like to become a CCC member, please go to the following link 如果想要入会,请访问以下地址进行会员购买:

  • CCC’s Annual Membership fees: One Individual $30; Couple $50; Family of 3+ $70. 会员费每年$30/个人,$50/两人,或 $70/3人以上。

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